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    Tottenham officials have not announced earnings last season, but the data show that after the first breakthrough in 2015-2016 season 200 million pounds, the total revenue of white lily 2016-2017 season will break 300 million. More importantly, Tottenham replices Arsenal 11 years ago to build London’s largest stadium with capacity of more than 60 Drew Miller Adidas Jersey,000, which will not only increase game-day earnings (an estimated 10 million more) but will also lead to more business development and Cooperation opportunities, such as Tottenham and NFL signed a 10-year cooperation agreement Richard Panik Adidas Jersey, the NFL will be held at least two games a year at Tottenham Stadium. In addition, Levi also hopes to sell the new stadium naming rights for 400 million for 6 years, an average of nearly 70 million a year. As a result, Tottenham alone can add 80 million pounds a year, based solely on raceday earnings and naming rights. In the first quarter (2018-2019 season) of moving into the new stadium Darren Raddysh Adidas Jersey, their annual income is estimated to reach 384 million.

    Leicester last round 2-2 away with Stoke, draw after coach Puer took office 2 games 1 wins and 1 level unbeaten Alexandre Fortin Adidas Jersey, the campaign will be welcoming coach Blue Elongation after the A difficult challenge, Leicester will be at home to usher in the leader of Manchester City, Lester last sits at home to 4-2 win over Manchester City. Chillwell may get out of his knee injury, Ivola came into doubt, Hutter and Matthew – James still missing.

    Klopp was admitted to hospital during the week, Liverpool manager first said, “I feel very good.I am 50 years old, so perhaps I still need to get used to, but I have been to the British hospital twice.NHS (British National Medical Service system)? Maybe not as bad as you think I’m fine, that’s good news. “When it comes to Gomez, Klopp first said,” He is still young, but he has done well in the Premier League We are hoping to have him in the next 15 years, he can play center-back or back-guard.

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