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    Hello, I’ve been debugging a problem with some text kerning in FontMachine. The problem looks to be that negative kerning values are not being applied correctly. Below is an example with well known kerning pairs with negative values. The text on top is a screenshot from the FontMachine editor. Below that is a screenshot with the same text in Pages (also looks the same in MS Word, etc.) Is this a known issue? Thanks for your help.



    FontMachine editor has several Kerning modes depending on rendering mode. Some of them are grid-fixed to prevent subpixel interpolation not to be the different from their pre-rendered image atlas. It’s not a bug, but the way Kerning is handled. You can change rendering mode to see the difference. Also, notice that fontmachine generated fonts do not store detailed information for all possible kerning pairs, it provides a kerning approximation that is fixed and based on some statistics applied to the image atlas. This allows for very fast bitmap font rendering on games.



    Ok great, thank you for your help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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