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    first, thank yo for creating a professional IDE for Monkey! It’s really helpful in programming stuff with this neat little language. But while working a few hours with Jungle I noticed a few errors that I’d like to see corrected.

    A) When there’s a For loop on one line, with a local variable, then Jungle insists that the local variable wasn’t used, even if it was. (I think it’s unnecessary to complain about unused local For variables anyway.)

    B) I use Ignition in this project, and the autocompletion of Jungle very, very often insists that “iFindLine” should be the first selected when i type “if” – which means that as soon as I press space I have to remove that name by hand because it gets autocompleted. “If” should be the first one selected, always.

    C) I often want my Functions/Methods to return arrays, and it just looks strange how Jungle automatically formats something like “Return [0.0, 0.0]”:

    D) This is a very funny autoformatting:

    It should be the other way round: the first “-1” should be “- 1” and the second one “-1”.

    E) I have this static function:

    Jungle doesn’t show that the return type is an array, which led to confusion:

    Hopefully, these things are easy to fix!

    Kind regards,



    Not much “support” here it seems. :-(

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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