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    Hey, i just had an update for jungle and now there is such a little bug, dunno if it was the update or if it just randomly came across now.

    on New created files the names of classes are not colored as they should be.

    i appendet 2 images,
    the first image is some code pasted into a new file, with alot of color highlight stuff missing
    the second image is the same code, pasted into a file wich i had before (before the update?)

    the imports are all fine, i can run all my stuff fine, its just that the colors seems not actualized or something?

    not sure if this is a bug or whatever?

    i just found out that it seems to be the “Import main” stuff.

    i have all my imports in the main file, and all others just import main, instead of let them import everything by themselves.

    when i just import everyting related in all files by themself then its fine.
    but i would like to keep just import main, as i did all time before :(

    haha im so stupid, sorry for spamming your forum ziggy!
    i had
    Import Main
    instead of
    Import main

    seems like monkey dont care (on windows) but jungle does.

    sorry for bothering :)
    i should get some sleep



    No worries! It works because of windows having a case insensitive file system, but you would have get compilation issues when porting the App to Linux based systems.
    I think the Monkey Trans compiler should warn about this or handle it better. Maybe a bug report should be raised in the Monkey community forums? Anyway, glad to see it working for you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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