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    After giving all the Jungle Ide launch some thoughts, I’ve decided that there will be 2 versions of the Jungle available:

    • Jungle Ide: The complete Ide with all functionality (Code folding, Intelliprompt, Advanced solution system) This will be the commercial version.
    • Jungle Lite: Smaller version of Jungle Ide with limited features. This will be the free version.

    Notice that:
    Jungle Lite will work as a Jungle Ide demo for 30 days, and after this period will self-convert to the limited Jungle Lite.

    At the launch of Jungle Ide, there will be a public Jungle Ide BETA available to be purchased, and, whenever this goes out of beta, the demo and lite versions will be published. I’m doing it this way as I don’t want to release a beta demo, because this could give a false or bad impression to potential Jungle Ide customers, and I don’t want to walk this path again.

    As some of you have asked this before, we haven’t decided about pricing yet, it’s too soon, but it will be cheaper than our BlitzMax Ide (BLIde Plus) at the time of release.

    Also, all licenses purchased during the initial BETA period will be lifetime licenses. When it goes out of beta, only 1 year licenses will be available (at the beginning, this is subject to change).

    I hope this answers some questions, more details to come soon!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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