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    I am sure this is new and not intended cus’ I would have noticed it before. I just start a new project so I was creating my .monkey files etc. and laying out my classes and I noticed that intellisense does not seem to update unless I Save Changes. for example;

    I have two files, main.monkey and other.monkey all created within a solution.


    Import mojo
    Import monkey
    Import other
    Global Player:= New MyPlayerClass
    Function Main(); New project;End
    Class project Extends App
     .... blah
    End Class


    Import mojo
    Import monkey
    Import main
    Class MyPlayerClass
       Method Spawn:Void()
          ... blah
       End Method

    Now when working within the other.monkey doc calling the Player.Spawn method I find if I change the Method name to say ReSpawn the Intellisense on <B>Player.</B> still only has <B>Spawn</B> until I Save Changes, however it does get underlined to show it’s not found but the intellisense menu does not update the new correct method names.

    If I move the initial Creation of the class into the other.monkey docs it all updates as expected only seems to be an issue when the class is created in a different doc.

    Any ideas?



    Nice found! It’s a catching issue. (and a complicated one!) changing active document should fix it. I’ll think on a workaround.



    This was fixed several months ago

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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