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    I have a strange situation with my monkey/jungle files and the intellisense in jungle ide.
    Just using a class in the code is fine, intellisense is finding all required stuff.
    But before i have to delcare the import of this class and there i get only part of the folder/files while typeing.

    Could you please help? How can i get rid of this?

    Best Regards



    Hello Hans,

    Can you provide any sample of any kind that replicates your issue?

    Jungle Ide provides intellisense for the elements that can be reached on each file.

    That is, if a file has a class called “MyClass”, anyfile importing the document where MyClass is defined, will also get the intellisense for that class. It works the same way the Monkey compiler, so when you get intellisense for a given item, it’s reliable.

    Not sure what’s the problem you’re experiencing, but I would love to help solving it


    After some tests I realized a behaviour which i didn’t expect by the IDE.

    Let me write the situation.
    I am working inside a Module A.
    Here I import Module B, which itself imports Module C (assume with some helper classes).
    Now back in Module A, trying to import again Modul C, the intellisense is not showing this module because it’s already imported by any other module. This had confused me, because I wanted explicitly declare the import to ensure the dependencies.

    Well, the intellisense was too smart for me in this situation. If I could have a wish I would like to have a complete list of modules in the import-intellisense-popup.

    You may close this case therefore.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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