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    When posting bug reports, please:

    1) Include some *show-error* source code in your post – not just the bit in your code that’s failing, but something we can actually copy and paste into our Jungle Ide and check inmediatly.

    2) If your example needs media, either link to it in the post or email the whole thing to m.ibanez at blide dot org.

    3) Be as descriptive as possible – ‘it crashes’ isn’t good enough! Instead, something like ‘it crashes with this unhandled exception log’ is much better. Also a step-by-step guide on how to replicate the issue is always more than welcome.

    4) Provide some information about your OS version, 32 or 64 bits, .net version, etc. Some of the members on this site include such information in their user ‘signature’ – this is a great idea and we thoroughly recommend all Jungle Ide forums members do this.

    5) Keep the noise to a minimum – unless you have something useful to contribute to the resolution of a problem, take it to ‘General Discussion’ instead!

    6) If your bug report has disappeared, it has probably been dealt with and moved to the Hitoric section of this community (here: )

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