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    I investigated my font bitmap files looking after some memory to save and I discovered that about 20 characters are duplicated in the generated bitmaps.
    Some characters like €, †, ‡ are duplicated when they are in the rendered characters list. They are not duplicated in the list but in the generated bitmaps (packed or unpacked).
    It was easy to notice as I have † and ‡ redefined in my TTF font.

    To check it you just have to run the fontmachine editor, and ask render mojo font with all default parameters. In case the default characters list is not the same depending on the country you live, press the full font button. It happens with any TTF system font so it’s not because of my custom font. Then look at the generated bitmaps and you will see that a lot of redundant characters are repeated at the end of the list. They are duplicated for the face, border and shadow layers.

    As I need some of them I had to find other characters code to assign my own characters but also needed to move some standard characters I need like € to avoid the repetition.

    Windows 7 64bits French



    mmm not sure what can be causing this. The Fontmachine is iterating throug the full unicode characters map and renders any character that is in the include list. That would mean that there are repetitions on the unicode map, wich seems very weird to me. I’ll take a deeper look and provide feedback.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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