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    Hi there, was checking out Jungle IDE to see if it was worth buying, and came across a couple of errors. The first is in retrieving the Android SDK. The process went fine, and all the parts were installed, but when trying to compile to that target, I get an “Unable to resolve target” error:

    C:\MonkeyX\Bin\transcc_winnt.exe -run -config=release -target=Android_Game “C:/MonkeyX/bananas/xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxx.monkey”
    TRANS monkey compiler V1.73
    Buildfile: C:\MonkeyX\bananas\xxxxxxx\xxxxxxxxx.buildv80b\android\build.xml


    Total time: 1 second
    Buildfile: C:\MonkeyX\bananas\XXXXXXXX\xxxxxxxx.buildv80b\android\build.xml





    [echo] Gathering info for MonkeyGame…
    [setup] Android SDK Tools Revision 15

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools\ant\build.xml:421: Unable to resolve target ‘android-13’

    Total time: 1 second
    TRANS FAILED: Android build failed.
    Abnormal program termination.
    Exit code: -1

    The second one will be harder to find, but basically just in the middle of editing, the entire IDE crashed. Not sure what I can tell you about this, I had 2 files open (a named file and a temp file), the tool had been running for 7-8 hours, and getting a lot of use sporadically during that time. I was just in the editor editing (not using the menu), and it died. I will try again in the morning, and hope that this is just a one of sort of thing, though getting the android sdk installation part to work, would be a big factor in buying a pro license.




    The first bug could mean that you need to install some Android sDKs in the android dev tools. Go to Monkey SDKs menu, and select Open Android Dev tools. Once tools are open, be sure to install any required android api level version. Depending on your version of Monkey, you will need API level 13, 19, etc.

    You can check which ones are required for your specific Monkey X version in the Monkey-X documentation.

    Then the crash, hard to tell without more details. Did you send a crash report, or Jungle Ide directly dissapeared without even given you a chance to send a crash report?



    The thought about other versions of the SDK crossed my mind right after I posted that, so I have the Android SDK Manager working right now trying to update and see if that fixes the issues.

    The crash was just a hard one. No option to send a crash report, just a windows dialog saying that it had died and that I could search online for possible solutions, or close the app.

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