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    I am currently towards the end of a HUGE 5 year project and monkey x decide to drop the forums and any future support of monkey x. I have no intention of moving to monkey 2 as this would cost me quite a bit of time and lose compatibility with older machines.

    I was pleased to see that the monkey x source has been taken over and renamed cerberus. My only concern is that jungle IDE will not currently support this (or maybe there is a way it will besides renanaming numerous parts of cerberus back to monkey) and I wondered if there was a quick way to do this, or if this is something that can be added. PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME GO BACK TO TED. I love and have loved jungle IDE from the start. It has all my bookmarks, notes etc. makes life very easy, and has a beautiful theme which allows coding long into the witching hour. It would be a disaster to move.




    Hello Ziggy,

    Can you add Cerberus “cxs” file support?
    I changed the JungleSettings.xml and added the following:
    <SettingsPage Name=”CXS” Description=”Cerberus language”>
    <Setting Name=”Extensions” Value=”” />
    it shows in the settings list but Jungle does not recognize it.
    Cerberus is found here and it is the continuation of Monkey X / Mojo 2: https://www.cerberus-x.com/

    XCode Version 5.0 (5A1413)
    iPhone 6 running iOS 9
    iPad Mini running iOS 9
    Sansung Galaxy S5 running Android Version 5
    Dell Latitude Windows 10 Enterprise
    Palm Pre, Palm Pre2



    +1 Cerberus support please.



    Call me in on that one! ziggy, do you still read here?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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