Modular design

Jungle Ide is based on a modular design where every part of the Ide is loaded on request, using multithreading. This introduces an unparalleled level of performance and flexibility, without losing any of the complex features a professional grade Ide has to offer. Additionally, this modular design allows the Ide user to add and remove features to the ide easily.

Modern computers have several parallel processing units so, why not use them to increase performance and flexibility of a complete development environment? That was our starting point when we started designing Jungle Ide some years ago. All in all, the idea behind this Ide is to communicate the internal parts of the Ide using a thread safe messaging system that allow all the parsers, syntax analytics and AST data providers to work side by side, getting full advantage of multi-threading technologies.

With this improvements, Jungle Ide is just loaded with the blink of an eye (not even a splash screen is required), and the reliability and fast response gets to the point that you can’t tell when it is loading all its internal databases and structures. Intelliprompt just happens to appear as you type. Fast and transparent.