Jungle Ide versions history

Jungle Ide Changelog

Jungle Ide 16.06.22-A

  • Updated compiler to latest Monkey X compiler v85e
  • Updated to latest Ignition X Update 2.10
  • Fixed GUI rendering problems on font selection on settings window
  • Background compiler could cause an unexpected exception when a solution was being closed and background compilation was still being performed
  • Removed internal debug messages from the Jungle Ide console window
  • Improved auto completion of language specific keywords in a way they're much more case insensitive friendly

Jungle Ide 16.02.10-A

  • Fix: Removed a debug message from the Jungle IDE console

Jungle Ide 16.02.06-A

  • Jungle IDE improved high DPI screens compatibility so it can now be used properly on native 200DPI screens
  • Several fixes on generics solving algorithm
  • Several performance improvements in the background compiler handling
  • Fixed issue with duplicated intellisense members
  • Some small application skin improvements
  • Fixed a mouse hovering bug on the errors list window
  • Local shortcuts tree class children can now be sorted alphabetically (setting on preferences)

Jungle Ide 15.07.07-A

  • Added compression to the internal modules database serialization, so it saves lots of disk space, and loads faster on computers without SSD drives.
  • Fixed issues with Jump To Definition on Ctrl+click on several computers.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide cause an unhandled exception when the cursor was being moved across the ide GUI, and windows was leaving a mouse cursor document stream blocked due to some internal system error.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide cause an exception when the editor context menu was being displayed

Jungle Ide 15.06-24-A

  • New Rename refactoring is available in the editor context menu. First refactoring added, I'll be increasing refactoring capabilities in next updates.
  • Jungle Ide will now use a new ultra optimized database serialization system that allows Jungle Ide to launch and operate a lot faster in older machines. This new system also prevents several micro-pauses and potential bottlenecks when Jungle Ide is loading the Monkey modules database.
  • Drastically improved the code analyzer speed. Warnings will be displayed a lot faster.
  • Jungle Ide Monkey background compiler has been updated to work with latest language additions
  • Several improvements in the application GUI design, including new icons for bookmarks toolbar, and some small changes in the application menus
  • Added colored output to the console output windows, so errors are displayed in red.
  • Improved the way console output is sent to the connections window, in a way that it's a lot faster and uses less memory
  • Added an option to disable the "Jump to definition" when ctrl + click is used over an identifier
  • New Splash Window available. Old one was required a redesign after all this years. as it was getting old. I'm not sure anyone has the splash window enabled in preferences, but just in case.
  • Fixed wrong analysis of local keywords not being used when they were a loop iterator, and the iterator was actually not being explicitly used inside the loop body.
  • Fixed an issue that could make the preferences dialog flicker when loading
  • Fixed a possible bottleneck in the background compiler, at first run.

Jungle Ide 15.05-12-A

  • Improved the Local Shortcts Tree functionality. Kind of node (class, field, function, etc.) is now informed by icon only, leaving more room for item name and increasing readability.
  • Improved Monkey X parser in a way Jungle Ide can provide much more exact intellisense when working with generics and eachin expression with data type inference
  • Improved Monkey database serialization system so it's faster to serialize/deserialize. New system makes the whole database file a lot smaller when stored in disk.
  • Improved Jungle Ide parsing speed when processing a large amount of documents
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide keep alive in the background even when main window had been closed due to some threading issues
  • Implemented support for the EachIn operator
  • Improved generics support on datatype inference scenarios
  • Several improvements in the rendering of in-comment keywords such as monkeydoc, summary, etc.
  • New feature: Implemented Ctrl+Click support for Jump to definition (as in Visual Studio)
  • Added support to define a different Jungle Ide Framework folder by the usage of an environment variable. This variable needs to be named JUNGLEIDEFRAMEWORK

Jungle Ide 15.03-14-B (Quick fix)

  • Fixed a bug that could make Jungle Ide provide wrong folding where Public and Extern Private was mixed in a very specific way into source code
  • Fixed a bug that was making intelliprompt handle wrong the SPACE key sometimes
  • Fixed an issue that was ignoring empty folders when the Monkey X compiler was being installed on Monkey X Studio
  • Fixed an issue on Ignition X framework tools integration into the Monkey X Studio package
  • Improved the Monkey X Studio additional tools installed look and feel.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide unable to load some projects on a very speciffic system configuration

Jungle Ide 15.03-11-A (Quick fix)

  • Fixed a bug that could make Jungle Ide crash while launching the Monkey parser
  • Reduced memory requirements for the Monkey renderer.
  • Fixed an issue that was making the parameter hint popup to display wrongly formatted information
  • Fixed an issue that was making the Monkey parser provide some nesting errors in the outlining process, when extern and public classes where mixed in a single document
  • Added an option to make the highlight current block optional, in the preferences dialog, under the Editor Settings area.

Jungle Ide 15.03-09-A

  • Fixed a bug that could make Jungle Ide crash while processing an import directive on some solutions.
  • Fixed a bug that was making Jungle Ide not be able to properly handle network locations for distributed solutions. This has been improved.
  • Fixed a stability issue that was making Jungle Ide produce a bottle neck if the background loading of the modules database was taking longer than expected.
  • Added a "documentation is being built" monitor in the HTML browser window as long as the makedocs process is being processed in the background.
  • Improved the way Jungle Ide manages the SDK installers, so they do not require previous availability of the modules database.
  • Improved the first run wizard to also allow the installation of additional SDKs (Android, Desktop, etc.)
  • Improved TreeView rendering in the Gui, so it is flicker free.
  • Improved the android tools installer so it also includes installation of API 3, API 10 and API 16
  • Some small fixes in the text editor component regarding GDI and stability.
  • Added the FontMachine editor as part of the same package as Jungle Ide, so they're now deployed together.
  • FontMachine editor updated to be using the version 4 of the .Net framework instead of version 2.0
  • Better handling of scenarios where several processes were trying to launch the Monkey parser and database as the same time. This makes Jungle Ide faster in some situations.
  • Modified the "About" dialog to a simpler design that scales better across different DPI screen configurations.
  • Updated the Monkey AST engine to latest QWhale version, which is a bit faster on parsing very large documents.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide cause an unhandled exception when it was being closed.
  • Fixed UAC permissions on the Android Tools, so they can install additional required SDK(s) or any other thing when launched from Jungle Ide.
  • Jungle Ide now can correct a v.8x Monkey issue that was making TRANS unable to generate the data folder for Android builds.
  • New feature: Jungle Ide can now generate a Zip document with compiler and tools so it can be decompressed on a Mac with the appropriate permissions, or on a Linux system. This option is on the Monkey X menu
  • Fixed a bug that could make Jungle Ide crash when opening a syntaxless document format such as a TXT document on certain editor configurations
  • Fixed a bug that was making Jungle Ide display wrong formatted HTML information after sending a bug report
  • Implemented several text rendering improvements into the code editor window, including a slight current-scope highlighter, ala visual studio 2013
  • Fixed an issue in the JavaScript parser that could make Jungle Ide crash when parsing complex JavaScript documents
  • Added automatic Solution-explorer document "tracking". When you edit a document, the document is also selected in the solution explorer, so you can get an idea of the context of the document into the whole solution
  • Added a "Go to previous bookmark" button in the standard toolbar

Jungle Ide 14.09-17-A (Quick fix)

  • Fixed a bug on the monkey parser that was causing Monkey source code to be folded wrong when an extern keyword was removed from a source code document
  • Fixed a bug that could make Jungle Ide crash when the default main window size and location document could not be opened when Jungle Ide launches.
  • Fixed a bug on the Advanced code analyzer that could cause a local to be flagged as unused when the method or function body had a #REM block inside.

Jungle Ide 14.09-10-A

  • Fixed a that could make the advanced code analyzer consider multiline comments as valid source code.
  • Changed to multiline comment mark on the Monkey parser from "/**/" to "Rem..." .
  • Document template selector allows the selection of a template by using double click.
  • Fixed an issue that was making the Jungle Ide layout calculation to be suspended if Jungle Ide was launched by double-click a jungleide solution on windows explorer.
  • Improved code analyzer performance when there are concurrent analyzing tasks.
  • Fixed outlining nodes when a generics declaration contained array brackets.

Jungle Ide 14.09.07-A

  • Fixed a bug that could produce wrong intellisense when multiple inheritance was present on some inheritance chains of interfaces.
  • Added a new "Project options" dialog, that allows to add pre-build commands as part of the build process of a given project.
  • Added a new system that performs a much more exhaustive analytics of source code and provides useful feedback regarding variables shadowing, naming conflicts, possible casing errors on overriding methods, and a long list of useful extras.
  • Added a system that allows to hide implementation details elements from intellisense by using the Hidden keyword. This can be disabled on preferences.
  • Compiler options on the toolbar now is protected from accidental scroll wheel changes when a change is made.
  • Added an option to disable editor maximizing when the document tab was double clicked.
  • Fixed a bug that could make Jungle Ide not close all remaining threaded operations when the IDE was closed, leaving the IDE resident until all tasks where complete. Now pending tasks are terminated instantly when the IDE is closed.
  • Added a detector of unused local variables on the code analyzer.
  • Slightly improvement of parsing speed
  • Fixed an issue that could make the New Solution wizard crash when a new solution was being created and the Monkey database was not yet started.
  • Improved the settings page so each settings "area" has a better description
  • Added a Monkey Analyzer section on the preferences dialog to customize the kind of warnings / errors you want to get.

Jungle Ide 14.07.10-A (Quick fix)

  • Fixed a bug that could produce a CPU leak when Jungle Ide was trying to start a process, and the executable was not accesible into the filesystem.
  • Fixed a bug that could make Jungle Ide ignore any build attempt with projects that do not have any entry point.
  • Implemented a new pre-build tasks system that allows Jungle Ide to call an ordered chain of processes before performing the app compilation
  • Added a new meta-data system to project that allow them to store version number, product name and license information. The version number is intended to work using the same versioning convention used by Jungle IDE. That is, a major version corresponding to the year, a minor version corresponding to the month, a revision number corresponding to the day of the month, and then a single letter that indicates the published build.

Jungle Ide 14.07.10-A (Quick fix)

  • Fixed a bug in the parser. The parser was unable to properly close For nodes that ended with Next [variableName].
  • Fixed a bug in the automatic tab indenting calculator. Jungle Ide was also processing tabulation for previous line after a paste operation.
  • Added a parameter in the configuration window to disable auto indenting calculation (it's enabled by default).
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide try to update itself when a solution was being loaded, causing both processes to cross-block, leaving the IDE in a unstable status.
  • Improved the way the Jungle Ide parser handles badly formatted documents while building documents abstract syntax tree.

Jungle Ide 14.07.09-A

  • Added a new system that allows Jungle Ide to correct tab indentation when source code is pasted into a Monkey document
  • Added a new tool that formats the whole document indenting, or the selected text indenting from the Edit menu.
  • Fixed a bug that could make Jungle Ide crash when working with the media preview window.

Jungle Ide 14.06.15-A (stability fix)

  • Fixed a bug that could make Jungle Ide crash when a bad formed solution template was being used to create a new solution.
  • Fixed a bug that could be making Jungle Ide fail to properly display the remote Monkey documentation after the first run wizard has ended
  • Fixed a bug that could make Jungle Ide take several seconds to start on a fresh machine because of a missing default config value
  • Fixed a bug that could make Jungle Ide show a file system file access error message on the first run, on a fresh machine, before the configuration wizard was show
  • Added some additional exception handling to file operations on the Templates system

Jungle Ide 14.06.12-A (stability fix)

  • Fixed a bug when solving data type inference that could make Jungle Ide fail to provide proper data type when a possible class name clash was present on some rare situations.
  • Improved hi dpi screens support. (It's specially notorious when working with a Mac with retina display)
  • Improved the way Jungle Ide solves data type clashes when building its internal modules database
  • Fixed an important stability issue that could make Jungle Ide had some issues when creating a new solution based on a folder that contains another previous solution

Jungle Ide 14.05.30-A (Quick fix)

  • Refactoring of Paths to the config file is now automated when preferences are stored and when the Monkey database is refreshed.
  • Removed a debuglog message from the Jungle Ide console, when Jungle Ide update required  its internal database to be rebuilt
  • Added automated install of API level 13 and platform tools as part of the Android SDK setup script
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Windows 8.1 that could make Jungle Ide stop responding when the Notes tab was being shown

Jungle Ide 14.05.28-B

  • Added a new solution templates system. This new system allows you to create a new solution based on pre-existing templates.
  • The new solution templates system allows you to save a solution as a module template, so the template is stored within the module folder in a way that when the module is redistributed, the template is redistributed too so it is available as a new. solution template to anyone installing the module without any additional action required.
  • Added a system to automate installs of third party SDKs.
  • Added a SDKS section in the preferences dialog. The paths set there will be refactored to the Monkey config file when a new Monkey version is selected in the preferences dialog.
  • Added installs for Android, Flash, Desktop, XNA and Windows 8. When any of this targets is installed, the Jungle Ide SDKS section is updated accordingly and transparently.
  • Added several basic pre-made templates both in Strict and regular styles.
  • Fixed an issue that was making the folding toggle marker to be drawn too small on hidpi displays. It now scales as the editor font.
  • Added a preliminary overloading intellisense helper. When there are method overloads available, Jungle Ide will suggest them after writing the Method keyword. (much more to come soon).
  • Added a new parallel database loading that improves Jungle Ide start-up time.
  • Fixed an issue that was making locally declared exception parameters to sometimes not be properly highlighted.
  • Change: When a file is renamed in the solutions explorer and the extension is completely removed, Jungle Ide will assume previous file name extension has to be added.
  • Fixed an issue that could make the media preview window to crash when the window was closed abruptly while Jungle Ide was making some calculations over the image on a secondary thread.
  • Fixed an issue that could introduce some incompatibilities on folder notation on non standard windows file systems when using external drives or network drives.
  • Added a Documents template system. Jungle Ide will allow you to save a document as a template in a way that code can be reused when a new document is created.
  • Fixed an issue that was making files excluded from the solution to not be unloaded if they were invisible.
  • Added a new "Load template" option in the Edit menu, that allows file templates to be appended at cursor position while a document is being edited.
  • Fixed a stability issue when solving file paths while resolving the imports structure of a document

Jungle Ide 14.05.01-A (Quick fix)

  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide close unrelated processes when a connection with a compiled program was brute-force killed.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide crash when showing the list of available classes at a given context
  • Fixed a small typo in the preferences dialog (Thanks to goodlookinguy)

Jungle Ide 14.04.16-A (Quick fix)

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Jungle Ide from properly closing Desktop applications.

Jungle Ide 14.04.15-A

  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide crash when showing the list of available classes.
  • Added an animated progress icon to the Monkey-X installer so it does not seems that Jungle Ide is irresponsive while the open source version of Monkey is being installed on the first run wizard
  • Fixed a bug that could make Jungle Ide crash when calculating the list of module dependencies and a single file was imported several times
  • Changed the "HTML Browser" for "Browser" in the documentation integrated explorer, so it takes a bit less of space in the document docking area.
  • New feature: When the module updater finds an update for an already installed module, it'll generate a Zip file of the old version as a backup. (this can be disabled).
  • Background compiler will ignore compilation clusters that are not the entry point of a solution so background compilation can be performed a bit faster on multi-project solutions
  • Fixed a potential GDI leak on the Media Preview window
  • Fixed a bug that could make Jungle Ide close unrelated processes when closing a connection

Jungle Ide 14.03-22-B

  • Fixed a bug in the crash report mechanism that could make Jungle Ide become irresponsive while sending a crash report.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing file(s) renaming in the solution explorer to show a "file modified" dialog
  • Fixed a bug that could leave Jungle Ide irresponsive if the File Modified dialog was shown while Jungle Ide main window was minimized
  • Added a new feature that allows you to remove file extensions from the editor tab caption, so you can save some space as the ".monkey" extension is rather long
  • Removed all references to "monkey demo" from the IDE, and replaced them to Monkey-X
  • Added the option to automatically download and install our own distribution of the open source version of Monkey-X + MinGW in the first run wizard.
  • Improved font scaling compatibility in the IDE layout.
  • Fixed a mutual blocking thread issue that could eventually make Jungle Ide become irresponsive while checking for the background compiler status

Jungle Ide 14.02.11-A (Stability fix)

  • Fixed an issue with scrool wheel scrolling on some of the Jungle Ide components. Scrolling was using too big steps.
  • Fixed a severe stability issue that could make Jungle Ide randomly close several not related processes when a connection was closed under 64 bits windows.
  • Jungle Ide now works as a native 64 bits application on 64 bits machines.

Jungle Ide 14.02.05-A

  • Implemented a new system to detect file changes from outside Jungle Ide. Current version will detect external changes to files that are part of a solution, giving you the option to reload them automatically.
  • Improved the "Explore current file" feature in a way that it selects the file in the Windows Explorer when it is shown
  • New feature: Open a terminal window on current file folder
  • Added two new parameters to the Monkey preferences dialog that allows to set a custom trans build and a custom docmods build
  • Added a parameter that allows Jungle Ide to read the monkey.config.txt file from a different path in case you're tweaking the Monkey compiler

Jungle Ide 14.02.01-B (Stability fix)

  • Fixed a very rare issue with connections being closed that could cause Jungle Ide close other processes.
  • Added a setting that allows Jungle Ide to try to close only main trans process when a connection is brute-force closed.
  • Fixed a bug that was making it impossible to case-correct a file in the solutions explorer without changing its name
  • Changed the way Jungle IDE handles compatibility with fonts and the advanced text renderer. You can now choose any font, and Jungle Ide will disable any incompatible style (bold, italic, etc.) if it may cause artifacts on the rendering of the lexed tokens. Recommended compatible fonts are Consolas, BitStream Vera Sans or Courier New.
  • Fixed a bug that could make Jungle Ide crash when a C document had a not standard structure and the thread parser was unable to build the internal AST
    The old C parser color schemes are no longer compatible with this version. If you are using the C parser in your projects, be sure to delete the file "text colors for C.xml" in your "Jungle Ide Framework/Settings" folder.
  • Fixed a small bottle-neck on the syntax editor component
  • Fixed a problem of internal identifier binding cache not being refreshed when some changes where made on files with cyclic import structures

Jungle Ide 14.01.11-A

  • The new html browser was showing script errors in the form of modal dialogs. This has been removed.
  • The new html browser was not handling direct access to Monkey files. This has been changed to make it faster to load Monkey samples from the documentation
  • Fixed a bug that was making Jungle Ide fail to download udpates info on computers with non standard proxy settings.
  • Fixed a bug that was making Jungle Ide show a crash message when it was being closed.

Jungle Ide 14.01.08-A

  • Added zoom in/out capabilities to the Jungle Ide HTML Browser. (Use shift+scroll wheel)
  • Added Find in current page capabilities to the Jungle Ide HTML Browser
  • Improved Jungle Ide loading time
  • Implemented some changes in the internal updates notification protocol with the server so Jungle Ide is a bit more secure when checking your account updates eligibility
  • Jungle Ide no longer depends on the CEF framework, and this makes Jungle Ide a lot smaller in memory footprint and deployment size
  • Fixed a potential GDI leak on the text renderer

Jungle Ide 13.12.26-A

  • Cleaned an internal Debug Log that was sending the message "No blocked closing" to the Jungle Ide output console.
  • Implemented current word highlighting in all open Monkey documents as part of the advanced lexed text rendered.
  • Font compatibility with the double pass text rendered is calculated a lot faster now by parallelizing typography metrics calculation for several font families at the same time.
  • Improved parser string comparison algorithm so parsing in general is slightly faster now
  • Added a "Highlight current word" color to the Editor Colors dialog
  • Added a new feature that allows the "calculation" of a proper highlight current word color on color schemes that were designed before this Jungle Ide version to grant backwards compatibility.

Jungle Ide 13.11.30-B

  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide crash when a solution was being loaded while another solution was being loaded at startup.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide not properly unload previous solution when a new one was loaded from the File / Load solution menu.
  • Fixed a bug that could make Jungle Ide include the additional modules folder twice in the Monkey MakeDocs utility
  • Fixed a bug that could suspend outlining calculation.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide stop parsing properly some identifiers when a very specific order of spaces and operators was present on a declaration instruction.
  • Improved (even more!) parsing speed on large documents
  • Improved font compatibility with the advanced lexed renderer

Jungle Ide 13.10.25-A

  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide take longer than usual when loading a document or solution for the first time, when the "check for updates at startup" was selected
  • Fixed an issue that could leave the "Analyzing Monkey Modules" in a never-ending status
  • Implemented a small optimization on intellisense class-members solving algorithm
  • Made modules database creation a bit faster in the optimization step
  • Made cold start-up with a solution load request a bit faster due to better handling of states and parallelizing some more independent start-up tasks
  • BuildMonkeyDocs is now performed in the background so it's not modal any more and it allows you to continue working while it's being done.
  • Updating the Monkey Modules Database will also force a background updating of the modules documentation, so all official documentation is always updated.

Jungle Ide 13.10.21-A

  • Implemented a new parallel modules parser that creates the Monkey modules database a lot faster and can run on a background thread.
  • Fixed an issue that could leave Jungle Ide in a temporary "not responding" status while rebuilding and saving the Monkey database to disk
  • Improved Jungle Ide load time for the Monkey parser, specially notorious on installations with a very large number of modules. It really feels instant when used on systems with solid state drives.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Jungle Ide to load the first solution or project more slowly than usual
  • Fixed a bug that could make Jungle Ide crash when a Refresh available targets operation was requested and the Monkey database was not yet loaded.
  • Fixed: When closing a solution, the "save changes dialog" will only be displayed if there are unsaved changes on the solution being closed.
  • Unified dialogs look and feel in a more consistent design
  • Improved documents and keywords binding solving time. Jungle Ide intellisense is a lot faster in this version
  • Fixed an important stability issue that could make Jungle Ide crash when there was a given inheritance chain in a Monkey document, and the selected document tab changed.
  • Improved the way Jungle Ide handles failed background compilation when Trans crashes unexpectedly.

Jungle Ide 13.10.03-B

  • Implemented several heavy optimizations to the parser that prevents Jungle Ide from getting slower when a very complex module's AST structure is involved.
  • Modified the maximum with of a docked panel. Now a panel can get as much as 3/4 of the whole Jungle Ide layout. There was an arbitrary maximum size of 500 pixels.
  • Fixed a bug that was making the list of available targets not persistent unless the complete Monkey Modules Database was refreshed.
  • Fixed a bug that was making the F1 contextual help to not be displayed properly on some external browser when the monkey folder had white spaces in its name due to a bad url encoding.
  • Updated the background compiler to be compatible with Trans v1.56
  • Background compiler i/o performance has been slightly improved when dealing with very large documents

Jungle Ide 13.09.15-B

  • Fixed an issue that was making the F1 context help to no work on Monkey keywords such as "Class", "Function", etc.
  • Fixed a bug that was making the Ctrl+Space intellisense list to close abruptly sometimes
  • New: Available targets information is now stored between Jungle Ide runs. This prevents Jungle Ide from making a complete check-targets operation when it launches, which is a very slow operation. You can refresh this information manually at any time.
  • New: Added a Refresh available targets button in the compiler toolbar
  • New: Removed the "Monkey compiler" text from the compiler toolbar as it was a waste of room
  • Fixed several formatting spacing bugs with the text auto-formatter
  • Fixed a typo in the list of reserved words. Property was written wrong.

Jungle Ide 13.08.10-A

  • Fixed an issue that was making the brace matching rendering on a editor split view to not be rendered with the appropriate parameters
  • Fixed some typos thanks to Goodlookinguy
  • Added support for multiple inheritance on Interfaces.
  • Improved internal parser speed
  • Fixed an issue that was making the Local shortcuts window to modify the selected item when the document was clicked.
  • New setting to disable the usage of system fonts in the autolists windows
  • New Monkey Compiler settings management. From this version, the Monkey Compiler settings are global to the whole coding session so it's a lot easier to handle the compiler status.
  • Integrated all the monkeydoc documentation into the intellisense system. This newly added official modules documentation system does not replace Jungle Ide documentation system. They can currently co-exists without any issues. Notice that in-source documentation has preference over external monkeydoc files. And also notice that same-folder monkeydoc files has preference over monkeydoc folder stored files.
  • Prevented the scenario where two instances of Jungle Ide launching the Monkey parser at the same time could mutually block access to the Monkey modules database.
  • New look for the helpful hint window. It's now much more integrated into the rest of the IDE look and feel
  • Internal module updates check could block access to the MonkeyDB file in the background when Jungle Ide was being loaded in some computers. This has been fixed.
  • Monkey parser is automatically loaded on the background while the IDE starts, so Jungle IDE gets its Monkey intellisense built even faster at every launch of the IDE

Jungle Ide 13.06.15-A

  • Fixed an stability issue that could cause a GDI rendering crash when a document was open and the document container area was completely empty
  • Fixed an issue that was making a Generate List on the search dialog to not store the search query in the search history combo
  • Fixed an issue that was making the Search Results list window to not update its vertical scrolling after a new search was performed
  • Fixed an issue that could make the Recent solutions history, or recent documents history to not be 100% accurate
  • Fixed an issue that was making a detached floating editor window to lose focus when the ESCAPE key was pressed
  • Fixed a potential GDI+ leak that could show if the Garbage Collector was not fast enough on some computers
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide crash when it was configured to look for the Monkey compiler in a location that is no longer available
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide crash when the Transcc_winnt compiler was not executing properly and was reporting badly formatted targets information due to it being compiled with the wrong version of MinGW
  • Fixed an issue that was making the Find and replace dialog to not reset the latest find operation when parameters such as "All files" or "Match case" where modified, but the search term was kept from latest search
  • Fixed an issue that could make the Find and Replace dialog buttons to be sized wrong after the tool was resized attached and detached from the regular Jungle Ide layout
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide unable to load a solution when the solution had the same file imported twice by different projects
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide crash when loading a solution and the Monkey compiler was not properly configured
  • Fixed: Rebuilding official documentation using MakeDocs now also takes into account any module defined as an additional modules folder in the Jungle Ide Monkey preferences.
  • Added a configuration integrity check at start-up that helps prevent Jungle Ide use a misconfigured Monkey environment.
  • Added a new tips system that informs about jungle Ide usability as you use it. It can be easily disabled if you already know how everything on Jungle Ide works
  • Several small design improvements on the Jungle Ide layout.
  • Improved the way stand alone documents and solution documents are differentiated. They have now slightly different tab colors on the new improved Gui renderer
  • Class/Member combo boxes are now updated on every Jump To Definition operation.
  • Improved memory requirements of the Monkey internal parser. It's smaller and a bit faster
  • Reduced some GDI+ requirements of the whole IDE

Jungle Ide 13.06.01-B

  • Fixed an issue that was making the Jump to definition jump to the root definition of any overload. It now jumps to first immediate parent implementation (as expected).
  • Fixed an issue that was not solving properly prefixed class name clashes, and was confusing classes such as map.Node and list.Node
  • Fixed an issue that was introducing some overloading resolving issues when inheriting classes with generics and overloading methods with generic parameters in it.
  • Added support for new official monkey documentation system
  • Added F1 support for new docs, while keeping backwards compatibility with older documentation versions
  • Integrated the MakeDocs utility into Jungle Ide. It's available from the Monkey menu.
  • Small optimization on the intellisense data-type provider. Jungle Ide is now faster on solving intelliprompt requests.
  • Fixed a small compatibility issue that could make intelliprompt refuse to show some results.

Jungle Ide 13.04.29-A

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the recent documents list and recent solutions list to be properly serialized between IDE runs.
  • Added a new parameter to the parser color schema editor. This new parameter allows token-less parsers such as the TXT parser to define a global fore color for its text rendering instead of defaulting always to black.
  • Removed the space used by the Language Navigation combo boxes on parsers that do not provide this kind of navigation, so there's more space for the source code area.
  • Implemented a new and faster updates downloading system that should allow Jungle Ide updates to download up to 10x faster due to several optimizations.
  • Modified the way the CefSharp framework integrates into Jungle Ide so it is now also compiled at install time
  • Made some performance improvements in general Jungle Ide Parsing and rendering. Jungle should be noticeably faster on some computers
  • Added some jungleide.com shortcuts to the jungle ide Help menu, so it's easier to access to the Jungle Ide community forums, and to the licenses section, etc.
  • New feature: Notes. This new feature allows you to create navigable named bookmarks on documents that can be accessed globally on a new "Notes" panel, or locally on each file on the local shortcuts tree.

Jungle Ide 13.04.16-A (Stability Fix)

  • Fixed a stability issue that could make a Connection keep a inconsistent status when a close operation was requested and the OS closed the underlying process while the process tree was being generated. This was specially problematic sometimes when canceling Android builds, causing a Jungle Ide unmanaged exception.
  • Several stability fixes on the CEF framework integration
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide block itself while trying to close Jungle Ide and a browser window was on focus
  • Fixed a issue that could cause Jungle Ide become irresponsive while the Chrominium Embedded Framework was being closed due a mutual blocking operation.

Jungle Ide 13.04.06-B

  • Added a Chrominium based browser into Jungle Ide. This allows apps to be tested into the ide, and makes it possible to profile JavaScript of remote applications
  • Added the chrominium dev tools to the Jungle Ide browser window
  • Fixed a bug that was introducing unclosed <li> html tags into Jungle Ide generated documentation
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some monkey samples to not be opened from within the monkey documentation sample pages
  • Fixed a bug that was making the "Use round tabs" parameter to not be properly loaded on Jungle Ide restart
  • Implemented several optimizations on the text rendering engine so it works faster and it is more efficient on complex monkey code structures
  • Fixed a threading issue that was making Jungle Ide to keep running on the background after being closed on single core machines running Windows XP

Jungle Ide 13.03.24-B

  • Fixed an issue that was making contextual help to not work always when it was requested on a identifier declaration.
  • Improved internal module's scope cache system. Intellisense is resolved sometimes a bit faster.
  • Disabled the NTFs File ID solver by default, to make Jungle Ide faster when using mapped network drives. It can be turned back "on" on the preferences dialog.
  • Implemented an internal NTFs File ID cache system that makes the Jungle Ide symlink resolver to work without undesired pauses. This new feature also improves Jungle Ide performance on local storage systems.
  • Improved internal handling of settings, so it uses a faster indexing. This makes the whole IDE a bit faster.
  • Jungle Ide will now use the modpath setting into your configuration document to locate Monkey modules (the same as the compiler). If you add an additional module's folder due Jungle Ide settings, this will be appended to whatever you've added in your monkey configuration settings.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide unable to open monkey documents from the windows explorer when there was an already running instance of Jungle Ide open, and the setting "use custom tmp folder" was configured
  • The license number setting is now presented as a password in the preferences dialog
  • Fixed an issue that was making the recent documents list to not contain proper recent documents history, sometimes.
  • Added a new ttf ratting system that shows if a font is recommended for its usage on Jungle Ide or not. The text renderer needs to calculate spacing before calculating context-based lexing. This can potentially have some side effects on fonts, when the lexed styles contains bold characters. Jungle Ide will now detect these fonts as "not recommended". Usual coding fonts such as Consolas, Courier New, or Bitstream Vera Sans, do not have any of those issues and are highly recommended.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with older Monkey versions

Jungle Ide 13.03.05-A

  • Implemented a new file handling system that detects if two files with different path are the same file when symlinks are defined on a Windows drive.
  • Implemented a new runtime and compile time error dialogs that provide select & copy functionality and are "owned" by the Jungle Ide main window, so they do not get hidden under the debug window occasionally.
  • Reduced the required I/O operations between the background compiler and Jungle Ide. This makes Jungle Ide a bit lighter and faster on low end machines running a virtualized OS
  • Added a new setting that allows Jungle Ide to close any previously running connection when recycling connections. This is now the default behavior.
  • When an Android app is recompiled, Jungle Ide is now able to close associated connection if it's still running, but it leaves properly the adv server running so consequent builds are a lot faster, without requiring any additional work or interaction by the Jungle Ide user.
  • New feature: You can now define an additional modules folder that can be used by trans to locate additional third-party modules. Define this folder on the Jungle Ide preferences, and you'll be able to keep all your third-party modules on a single folder, allowing you to share this modules between Monkey updates.
  • Jungle Ide now has added now some security checks on the module database updating/creating to provide additional information in case the creation of the database fails.
  • Better prevention of cyclic cross-folder referencing on NTFS file systems that had cyclic folder structures done by the usage of symlinks and junctions
  • Fixed a bug that was making Jungle Ide crash when the user tried to load a recent solution, and this solution had been removed from its original system location
  • Fixed: setting page selection was not properly marked on the setting page selector of the settings window.
  • New: You can now set a preferred default compilation target on the Monkey settings.
  • New background compiler compatible with current official Monkey stable version.
  • New os and jungle.stdio modules available to allow people compile their own background compiler versions for Jungle Ide without having to change a single line of code of transcc sources. All the "interesting" stuff is done on a lower abstraction layer.
  • Breaking change: Jungle Monkey Background Compiler will be installed as "junglembc2.exe" instead of "junglembc.exe" to avoid a compatibility issue detected with older Jungle Ide versions that could leave the background compiler irresponsive due a change in the internal I/O protocol between the two apps.

Jungle Ide 13.02.04-A

  • Implemented a compatibility layer that allows the compilation of Monkey source code using latest Monkey experimental version. This layer is fully backwards compatible with any previous Monkey compiler version.
    1.- Notice that target specific modules are currently being ignored by the intelliprompt database. This is currently being implemented, but it does not have any side effects yet, as this new Monkey feature is not yet used by any official module, other to import native stuff.
    2.- Notice that the background compiler is still targeting current officially stable release. We will be updating the background compiler once the current experimental version is considered stable.

Jungle Ide 13.01.27-B

  • Redirect disk operations of the Background compiler to an internal cache handled by Jungle Ide at runtime. This reduces drastically disk operations on background compilation, makes background compilation a bit faster, and makes Jungle Ide much more energy efficient on portable devices.
  • Implemented a new I/O protocol between Jungle Ide and the Background compiler that allows the transmission of a complete document with a single pipes sync operation, which is a lot faster.
  • Added a new internal task manager to the background compilation clusters, so there is a maximum number of running clusters to avoid system getting irresponsive when loading big amounts of stand alone files. Clusters are now properly queued when there are too much of them running.
  • Fixed a typo on the Search Results tab.
  • Search result item selection does generate an entry on the navigation history.
  • Search Results item selection does keep the focus on the Search Results window to allow navigation through the list items.
  • Better centering of found items after a Find Next operation, and after a "Search Results" item selection.
  • Fixed an issue that was making the application focused control to get lost after a navigate back/forward on the code navigation history.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide become irresponsive in some computers when the background compiler was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide stop calling the background compiler process on renamed files.
  • Improved performance of the Background compiler scheduler by spreading the compilation clusters I/O synchronization on dedicated threads.

Jungle Ide 12.12.10-A

  • Fixed a bug that could make Jungle Ide fail when an external XML resource had defined a non HTML-like color declaration on a highlighting scheme
  • New: Implemented navigation history on the whole IDE.
  • New: After a jump to definition, or a combo jump, the requested information will be presented at the center of the editor window, when possible, so it's easier to contextualize this code.
  • Modified the license description to explicitly inform that Jungle Ide license is allowed for commercial development, while jungle lite (demo) is not.
  • Reorganized slightly the edit menu items, so they have a more convenient layout and things are easier to find
  • Rewritten the Bookmarks system internals to integrate it on the new navigation history system
  • Automatic connection time-out for background compilation clusters
  • Properly differentiated Background compiler signature from regular Monkey compiler in the Jungle Ide output console window

Jungle Ide 12.11.14-A

  • The "As" word was being formated as an operator on the Monkey source code format algorithm. This has been fixed.
  • Jungle Ide was not loading the default editor colors on fresh Jungle Ide installations
  • Fixed a bug that was making Jungle Ide crash when an autolist was requested and the current data scope had no items to show
  • Fixed the "Close all tabs bit this" was not workig properly after latest "Maximize" code window addition. This has been fixed.
  • Added a graphics preview functionality to the Solutions Explorer
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide fail to install module updates when the Monkey setup folder was not in the same drive as the user preferences folder.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide crash when closing a solution or exiting the application

Jungle Ide 12.10.01-B

  • Added a new feature to the docking system that allows code windows to be "maximized". Press Ctrl+U on a code window to toggle maximized on/off. It also works by double-clicking on the document tab and on the maximized window tittle-bar
  • Implemented a Jungle Gui color variation that is meant to play nicer with dark text rendering preferences. It can be set on Jungle Ide preferences
  • Build mode on solution can be configured to Build and Run all projects, or build and run main project only (currently default). I've modified this as this seems to be the most usual configuration
  • Media files on solutions will now be open on windows when double clicked. Double click on a jpg file on the solution explorer to open it on the default windows media browser
  • Several fixes on Jungle Ide connections handling
  • Improved the internal automatic crash report system so crash reports are a bit more verbose and better classified
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a blocking file access to the internal Monkey data base at Jungle Ide start up
  • Fixed an issue that could make the Background compiler stay alive when there was nothing new to compile
  • Fixed a small GDI+ memory leak on the internal Jungle Tree View component
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the "Null" keyword to be case corrected by the Text Formatter
  • Fixed default "untitled" file names of temporary monkey documents, so they now conform the lower-case standard for monkey modules.
  • Moving the caret when the parameter hint pop-up was shown was not refreshing the selected parameter highlighting if source code was not modified. This has been improved.
  • Improved the context-based help provider for Monkey v65 and above. It can now work for language keywords, functions, classes and classes methods, etc.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the Find Next operation to work properly on previous version
  • Added a kbps meter on the downloads window


Jungle Ide 12.09.18-A

  • Modified the JiProj file format in a way that it does not require the OriginalDiskLocation parameter any more. It may make this documents a bit more SVN friendly
  • Help engine updated to be compatible with latest Monkey version
  • Implemented the 1.41 iteration of the Trans compiler into the junglembc compiler so it properly report errors for latest Monkey version

Jungle Ide 12.09.08-A

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when a code completion hint pop-up was requested on an unknown method or function.
  • Fixed a potential Out Of Memory problem that could raise when loading ultra large solutions or a very large number of docs at once.
  • Fixed some spacing calculation on the source code auto-format algorithm
  • Ditched ANSI support in favor of pure ASCII and UTF-8 as those are the two standards supported by latest Trans versions
  • Optimized memory management on solutions load/save operations making the whole process a bit faster.
  • Added a setting that allows Jungle IDE to use new Monkey docs when available, otherwise it'll show remote online documentation
  • Enabled context sensitive help provider (latest Monkey version required for this setting to work)
  • Modified the parameter hint pop-up in a way that it is a lot less intrusive as it does not show while navigating source code, but only when mouse is clicked or source is being modified.
  • Added case correction for reserved words to the source code auto-format algorithm
  • Updated the Monkey Background Compiler to be compatible with Trans 1.40

Jungle Ide 12.07.24-A

  • Fixed some small formatting issues with numeric expressions in the new Text Formatter.
  • Fixed a small typo on the connection window
  • Fixed some issues with the parsing of the + and - unary operators on Monkey source code parser.
  • Fixed Generic recognition on the internal Text Formatter. How I wish Monkey did not use < and > for generics...
  • Fixed an issue that could make a Automatic update process fail when the download folder was not in the same drive as Jungle Ide.
  • Fixed an issue an issue that could cause the source code formatter to convert a <> operator to separated < > tokens, when a complex expression involved generics was evaluated.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide delete a file if it was renamed on the solution explorer with an empty new name and all warnings were ignored
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide crash when the autolist was requested
  • Added several new color definitions by dmaz

Jungle Ide 12.07.04-B

  • Added highlighting for the new Throw keyword.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an exception due a sync mismatch from the two Standard error and Standard input pipes, on a debug session.
  • Double-clicking on an error line on the connections output window was not bringing the error location on scope. This has been re-fixed on current version
  • Implemented a very noticeable optimization on class inheritance solving routines.
  • Optimized text rendering speed. It's the fastest Jungle Ide version to date on both Lexed mode, and standard mode.
  • Internal Jungle persistence system has been updated and it brings a nice speed improvement on internal usage of settings all over the IDE.
  • Fixed an issue that could make any unmatched compilation cluster to generate never-ending messages on the Jungle Ide console window.
  • Removed the setting that allows a "force sync" between the text renderer and the Monkey language parser. Current version is a lot faster and syncing is always on, as it reduces flickering
  • Removed the experimental text formatter because it was too buggy to be considered in production.
  • Added a new text formatter.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide overwrite a character at the right of a completed area of text, when the completion was performed in the middle of pre-existing code
  • Fixed some typos on the IDE, thanks to the collaboration of some Jungle Ide users.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide crash when the autoformating was finding an unclosed string literal in the source code.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide crash very rarely when opening or creating a solution
  • Fixed an issue in the auto formatter that was making parameters list on constructors, to be formatted as delegates lists instead of expressions.

Jungle Ide 12.06.23-A

  • Improved overloading support in the internal Monkey parser. Now all overloads for functions, properties and methods are shown on the Parameter Hint pop-ups.
  • Added support for Try / Catch blocks
  • Update the Background compiler to be compatible with Monkey v60
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide crash when showing a members class list
  • Fixed an issue on the Jungle lexical parser that was making the Document parser show some weird error messages on local variables definitions that had a very specific declaration structure
  • Improved data type inference calculation.

Jungle Ide 12.06.17-A

  • Added several optimizations on connections pipe read/write and flush operations. This has a deep impact on compile time for targets with very verbose compilation output
  • Added a way to associate additional file extensions to the Jungle Ide available parsers. This will allow you to associate a given file extension to any of the Jungle Ide text formats. As instance, the extension "level" could be associated to the XML parser if it is internally a XML document.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide display the contents of the standard error pipe on the Jungle Ide console, when a debug session was active.
  • Tweaked a bit the "about" dialog, in order to reflect latest Jungle Ide logo changes.

Jungle Ide 12.06.13-A

  • Fixed an issue that was making Jungle Ide search list to display zero-based line information, instead of 1 based.
  • Reworked the way the search list is generated. It now displays the complete sentece where the match was found
  • The search list results are now stored on a separated panel, at the bottom of the IDE, so you can have access to the search and replace dialog and to the search list results at the same time.

Jungle Ide 12.06.12-B

  • Fixed an issue that was making Jungle Ide not update its line and char information on the Jungle Ide status bar, when the selected document was changed in the documents tab control
  • Added support for Monkey C++ debugger
  • Modified the way the "Replace All" operator works. Now it does not open all the documents where the replace operation is done. Documents can be modified without having to be on screen
  • Prevented Jungle Ide to crash on very large replace all operations
  • Added a "Generate List" option to the find and replace dialog, so a list of matches is generated and can be navigated from the Search and Replace dialog. This is a (better) alternative to the BLIde "Find in files" that has been requested before to be implemented on Jungle Ide. It allows all Search parameters.
  • Added keyboard navigation support to our double buffered and double threaded tree component. This will allow keyboard navigation on the local shortcts tree, in the Find results list tab, and in a new area of the Ide that will be revealed soon (can't talk about this right now, more info very soon).
  • Fixed an issue that was making the icons on some of the tree views on Jungle Ide to be displayed with the wrong size on some computer configurations
  • Fixed an issue that could make the automatic intellisense to have missing functions on its internal list of available items
  • Version B:
  • Fixed an issue that was making an internal debug message to appear on the Jungle Ide console when editing text.
  • Improved the error handling on the C++ and XNA targets.

Jungle Ide 12.05.22-A

  • New feature: When mouse hoovers over a document tab caption, a tooltip popup is shown with information of the complete document path and location in disk.
  • New cache system on the internal lexed text renderer that drastically increases drawing speed on low end hardware. This new system is internally based on a hashtable/array hybrid that used ilde time to pre-calculate tokens and brings a very nice speed improvement on all computer flavors.
  • Fixed an issue that was filtering the Ctrl+C shortcut on the connection output text window.
  • Added LINQ support to the C# parser
  • Added Lambda expressions support to the C# parser
  • Fixed an issue that was making the source code lines to not be displayed properly sometimes
  • Jungle Ide now detects slow computers on the first-run wizard and gives the option to automatically self-configure with some CPU heavy settings disabled.

Jungle Ide 12.05.11-B

  • Fixed a filtering issue that was making Generics to appear on all automatic autolists, even when the pre-entered content did not match.
  • Fixed an issue that was making local scope for all Case clauses on a select/case sentence to be shared in the internal Monkey lexer.
  • Fixed an issue that was making local scope for If / ElseIf and Else code blocks to be shared in the internal Monkey lexer.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide crash when requesting a Fold operation on a document that had never had focus before.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide crash when writing an integer value with exponential notation with a decimal exponent and the experimental smart text formatter had been enabled.
  • Fixed: The "Go to line" dialog now properly focuses the line-number control and pre-selects text to allow faster navigation.
  • Fixed an issue that could make Jungle Ide crash on requesting an intelliprompt item
  • Fixed several data provider calculation issues when there were some identifier clashes
  • Added a notification window to the module updates management dialog, when there was an available module update.
  • Added a new post-lexing text renderer to the Monkey language. This new text renderer can differentiate the kind of a token before coloring it, so you can have a specific color for Classes, Interfaces, Methods, Functions, etc. and everything is colored in a scope-based fashion. Given the complexity of Monkey. this can a little CPU intensive, so people with ultra small devices may disable this on the preferences dialog.
  • Added code autocompletion for #Rem / #End
  • Improved the data type inference calculator so it now supports much more complex expressions.
  • Better handling of public/private members on autolists. Private members are excluded from lists when they're defined on another module.
  • Added a Private identifier to private items shown on autolists
  • Better handling of Find&Replace pre-selected text.
  • ESC key now closes the go to line dialog, canceling the operation as in the Find and Replace dialog.
  • VERSION B: Fixed an issue with array methods internal refactoring that was causing array methods to not be highlighted sometimes.

BREAKING CHANGE: All the color definition stored in the "Color Definitions" area, in the Jungle Ide Framework folder are not compatible with the new text renderer. New text color schemes will be stored on a folder called "Color Definition v2.0" Also, your current color scheme will be reset after this update, but all the pre-defined presets that were present on previous Jungle Ide versions have been redesigned for the new renderer, and they're available on the presets lists.

NOTE: The new lexed text rendering is performed on two passes. That can produce a slight flickering sometimes between passes. Everything has been designed to minimize this as much as possible while maintaining the multi-threaded optimized rendering. If your computer is too slow that it produces a very big flickering on text rendering, you can enable a "Force synchronization" parameter on the Monkey settings, on the preferences dialog. Not that we have had to activate on any of the computers this has been beta-tested but just in case...

Jungle Ide 12.04.18-B

  • Added a context-menu "set compilation target" to the solution explorer's main project node. (it was only available on the file's context menu)
  • Added an automatic module updater for modules supporting it. For more information about how to add this functionality to your own modules see: http://www.jungleide.com/?p=678
  • Made some small improvements to intelliprompt.
  • Improved Generics support on autolists and class lists
  • Added a Update/Repair tool for modules that support the new updates control system available in this new Jungle Ide version (more info about this soon)
  • The array braces operator in Monkey was not being treated as a proper delimiter on the code completion box autlist. This has been fixed.

    Version B changes: (Quick stability fix)
  • Fixed a crash that was happening when a data-type autolist was requested on the global data scope of the Monkey source code. Updating is highly recommended.

Jungle Ide 12.03.29-B

Version A:

  • Fixed several visualization issues on some color schemas for the Monkey programming language
  • Fixed an issue that was throwing the background compiler in addition to the regular compiler when a regular compilation process was started.
  • Fixed an issue that was making the "Save as" operation fail and leave Jungle in a inconsistent state after a "save as" operation over a modified file
  • Fixed a parsing issue with the var keyword (inherited from an ancient BlitzMax parser). It's been removed. it's not a keyword on Monkey
  • Fixed a typo on the "Duplicate current line" option on the Edit menu.
  • Fixed an issue that could leave a child process of a running connection alive when the connection execution was stoped, on 64 bits windows.
  • Added drag & drop support on the Find & Replace text fields
  • Modified the Find and replace tab colors to match the selected tab header color, so it looks much more standard
  • Added a shortcut to the system calculator on the Tools menu
  • Added an auto-formatting feature that helps you keep your code clean and equal in all your files. (Experimental, it's off by default)
  • Added a feature to the auto formatting that converts data type shortcuts to data type names, so source code is easier to read and follow
  • Added a setting that allows the background compiler to be disabled while a connection is active (as instance, when a reg