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Terms and Conditions

You agree not to reprint, redistribute or copy any content on this site without the explicit written consent from Lemon Bytes. Although permission is not guaranteed, you may request permission to reprint material by sending us an email (use the contact form for this matter).

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Lemon Bytesmay house a message board system and may house a chat system, and may also house various columns, articles and resources. You agree to hold Lemon Bytes blameless of any comments posted by any person(s) to these areas. Lemon Bytes holds no responsibility or liability for these items.

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File Downloads

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All downloads, including product update files, are provided purely at the discretion of Lemon Bytes, and may be removed or withheld from any and/or all site users at any time and without notice.

Privacy Policy

Lemon Bytes is very concerned about the privacy of our members. However, we reserve the right and do use your ip address for logging information and various other reasons. Lemon Bytes will not gather (except when you voluntarily submit information) or distribute personal information about you such as your name, location, phone number, or address unless you elect to offer up said information for distribution by Lemon Bytes. Lemon Bytes may set cookies in order to better your experience on this website. By using this site, you state that you are in agreeance with our Privacy Policy.

Forums usage terms

The site forums are monitored frequently by our staff, and any support request posted in this forums will be atteneded as soon as possible.

We have added support for automated translations, while this will allow you to read the contents of the forum using an automated translation process, please don’t use languages other than English to post in the forums. Forum posts not written in English will be ignored and eventually deleted.