Background Compiler

Jungle Ide integrates a Monkey background compiler that automatically checks for compilation errors while you’re coding.

This tool can help you to identify syntax errors faster. This way, you can reduce drastically development time and, additionally, you know that when you build and run your project, it’ll compile and work at the first attempt.

This tool is also presented as a Panel in Jungle Ide where you can see a list of all detected compilation errors, so you can navigate through them easily.

This tool can be found in the JungleIde installation folder and it’s called JungleMBC.exe.¬†

This tool provides an internal I/O protocol that, using Pipes, can communicate with Jungle Ide and automate a compilation process that is completely performed in the RAM and allows Jungle Ide to display compilation errors while you code, without requiring you to save any document to disk.

Build the Background Compiler

Current Background compiler is a modified version of the regular Trans monkey compiler by BRL. This modified compiler can be found in the Jungle Ide folder, and it’s called JungleMBC.exe If you need to make your own version of this compiler, you can do so very easily following some instructions