Ted Jungle Lite Jungle Ide

Edit Monkey source code

ASCII and UTF-8 documents support

Valid for commercial development


Parameter hint popups on function calls


Alt+enter autocompletion of commands

Integrated automatic background compiler

Predictive context-based auto completion of tokens

Code navigation history back/forward

Context based highlighting of source code

Out of the box backwards compatibility with older Monkey versions

Automatic update and repair modules system

Regex enabled find in files system

Non-module html documentation generator

Advanced solution management system


Sandboxed connections system

Parallel compilation

Advanced search and replace engine

C++ source code with highlighting

html source code with highlighting

C# source code with highlighting

JavaScript source code with highlighting

XML source code with highlighting

INI documents with highlighting

Automatic updating of the whole IDE

Can use an external browser to browse docs

Quick temporary monkey docs creation

Automatic mem-leak computer blocking detection

Customizable vertical kerning on the Editor window

Line number display on the editor window

Special characters can be toggled on the text renderer

Rendering of TAB guides


Line changed tracking mark

Content separator to organize code

Customizable braces matching mode

Word wrapp mode

Hability to convert TAB to Spaces as you type

Support for virtual white spaces

Customizable autocompletion of commands

Source code formatting and spacing

Data type shortcuts conversion

Class/Member combos in the editor window

Compilation error window can be enabled/disabled

Multithread text rendering engine

Jump to definition system

Comment/uncomment selection

Monkey documentation shortcut


Refresh Monkey available targets

Integrated preview of graphic media files

There are more features not listed here, as this list is just to give a basic idea of the main differences between the freely included Ted editor, and the complete Jungle Ide. Also, notice we have a feature requests section in our Jungle Ide community, so if you have a nice idea for a feature you would like to see implemented, don’t hesitate to share it!