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LicensingPremium Support License

Premium support version grants an answer from our support stuff in a maximum of 3 business days.

This Premium license also allows you to spend 4 hours of our development team as you desire. You can spend it on Monkey X development, on Jungle Ide improvements, or on the creation of custom tailored Jungle IDE or Monkey tutorials for your company.

LicensingClassroom licenses

Are you a teacher or institution looking for Jungle Ide classroom licenses?
We provide special licensing models for schools and educational institutions. If you license Jungle Ide for your school, this special license allows you to give free licenses to students assisting to any Monkey course in your school or institution. If you’re interested in this license, feel free to contact us.

Jungle DEMO

Feel free to download the Jungle Ide demo before purchasing


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Starter to Lifetime

You can now buy an extension license to convert your Jungle Ide starter license to a Lifetime license