Monkey X is a very powerful programming language that takes lots of design ideas from Java, C# or BlitzBasic. As a result, Monkey X is a versatile programming language designed to reduce drastically the development time and the maintenance costs. It’s a hard typed language with full Object Oriented support, including inheritance and polymorphism, interfaces, generics, reflection, very fast garbage collection, etc.

Additionally, Monkey X has been also designed to make it very easy to mix Monkey X code with target specific native code so the only limit is your imagination. That makes Monkey X a perfect tool, even if you’re not planing a multi-platform release. Coding with the confidence that the code will run almost anywhere you can imagine, is priceless.

monkey-mini-logoMonkey X is a new programming language written by Mark Sibly, creator of the famous Blitz programming languages. This new wonderful language allows you to create apps on multiple platforms with the greatest of ease. Monkey X works by translating monkey code to one of a different number of languages at compile time – including C++, C#, Java, Javascript and Actionscript.

Then, Monkey X games can then be run on potentially hundreds of different devices – including mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers and even video-game consoles. Monkey X, when used with Jungle Ide,  saves you time and allows you to target your apps at multiple markets and app stores at once, potentially multiplying sales several times over.

Jungle Ide works side-by-side with the official Monkey X trans-compiler for the Monkey X language. This compiler will allow you to write your applications and games in a simple but powerful programming language. This programming language has the ability to produce output for a wide range or platform-specific high level programing languages.

With Monkey X you can code a whole game or application and the compiler will be able to produce:

  • a XBOX 360 compatible game or application
  • an Android compatible game or application
  • a HTML5 game or application. No plugins required!
  • a Native Windows game  or application
  • a Windows XNA game or application
  • a Windows Phone game or application
  • a Flash game or application.
  • a native Mac/Linux/Windows desktop game or application.
  • a PlayStation Vita game or application
  • a Windows 8 style (metro) game or application
  • an iPhone or iPad game or application (final compilation has to be done on a Macintosh computer)

Monkey X targets.

Notice that the included monkey compiler is based on the official Open Source Monkey X project. This version can only compile for HTML5 and Desktop.  If you’re going to make games or applications that deal with graphics, accelerometers, music, etc. in all possible Monkey targets, you should purchase the commercial full monkey package here.

Monkey X compiler

We provide our own distribution of the Monkey X compiler. Our distribution is based on the Open Source project that can be found here.

Download our distribution of the open source Monkey X compiler here