Test FotoMy name is Manel Ibáñez and I’m the lead programmer of Jungle Ide and the CEO at LemonBytes, the coding studio that is creating Jungle Ide. When we began Jungle Ide development, we had the intention to produce the integrated development environment we would love  to use for our own Monkey-X development.
As a result, the Jungle IDE environment is inspired by the famous visual development environments, but with simplicity and responsiveness as the most important things to observe.

We provide a free smaller version of Jungle Ide called Jungle Lite which can be used for open source non commercial development and personal projects. This version also comes with a full 30 day functional demo of the full pro package.

Anyway, if you want to support Jungle Ide development, or want to use Jungle Ide as a professional development environment, please purchase the full version. This will help us continue developing and improving Jungle Ide.

See you in the jungle!

Manel Ibáñez