The most advanced IDE for Monkey X

Jungle Ide is the most advanced and powerful development environment for the Monkey programming language. Advanced tools give you power and control.

Jungle for Cerberus X

We’re preparaing an amazing update to fully support Cerberus X as the main compiler backend for Jungle Ide.

Dockable IDE layout

Organize your work environment the way you want.


Get help, autocompletion and intellisense as you type code.

Multiple devices

Monkey apps can be deployed to a gazillion of different devices.

Perpetual Updates

Get a Jungle Ide lifetime update license and get all future Jungle Ide updates, for free, forever.

Elegantly helpful

Jungle Ide is designed to assist you while you code, and to help you get the work done quickly. Enjoy the fluid, quick and easy workflow Jungle integrated development environment provides, and how it can help you get the work done easier. There’s no need to suffer on unassisted development environments

It’s time to enjoy development

Try Jungle Ide

We know how important is to try an IDE before purchasing. Feel free to download our Jungle Ide demo